Manning Photography Weddings

We have been married almost 17 years.  We met online back when meeting online was unpopular – LOL.  After conversing through email and then eventually the phone, we had a blind date at Tallyrand Park in Bellefonte that lasted all day.   Love at first click!  

We are a couple deeply in love and passionate about each other and the work we do together in photography and we bring this emotion to work every day.  One of the reasons why our business is successful is that we truly pour ourselves into our work all in the name of giving our customers an incredible photography experience, phenomenal images and memories to last forever.  

We love our wedding days and find that we establish relationships with our couples that are like extended family.  Truly, we should have a family reunion someday with all of our wedding couples!  It would be a great time.

A little about Stacey (Grace)

Stacey’s photography career began as a lifelong hobbyist has flourished into an award winning photographer.  She is very well trained in the craft and continues her education through constant research and professional coursework.

Stacey’s talents in the field are not why she is so special, however (of course this is Dale writing – she is very modest!).  She has a way with people unlike anyone you have ever met – just ask her clients!  She will make you laugh – seriously, she could be on SNL.  Her humor always lightens the mood and this enables her to get the most from her subjects.  People just relax around her and it makes pictures fun! 

A little about Dale (Deej)

Dale began his career in business in 1991.  While it has been his lifelong love to pursue photography professionally, he settled for being a hobbyist until recently.  Dale began studying photography in college under Dr. Ron Juliette and continued his educational efforts in the field over all the years with an ultimate goal to open a high-end studio.  The timing to launch his photography career / business with Stacey worked out perfectly in 2006 when they decided to put their talents together and establish Manning Photography.  

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