Manning Photography Weddings

You have waited your entire life for this moment… 

Discover why Manning Photography has been the top choice for hundreds of brides and grooms to capture the memories and events of their big day.  When you book your wedding with us, you can trust our experience to deliver beautiful images through photographic expertise and professional service.  

Long after the flowers have wilted, the food is gone and the last sound of the DJ’s dance medley is a faint ring in your thoughts, the photographic memories will remain the one thing you have to relive those timeless moments. Settle for nothing less than the very best on your wedding day.


Our Philosophy

Weddings are a fun-filled, fast-moving event loaded with emotion.  You will spend countless hours, month’s on-end planning for a day that goes by in literally a flash!  It’s not possible to see it all.  

The beautiful thing about photography is our ability to freeze these moments in time.   So many details… Mom helping you into your dress and then the girls bustling you before your grand entrance at the reception.  The rings you shopped for months to find; your shoes, the flowers, the cake, the favors.  The proud look on your Father's face as you enter the Church together.  The very first time you danced with your soul mate as husband and wife.  That amazing first kiss.

Our philosophy is to be there to capture the love and emotion and to tell the story of your day through photographic imagery.  You will get a mix of our modern, photojournalistic style along with simply posed photos.  Since we always have two photographers to cover your wedding, you will see each moment from two different perspectives.   


Wedding Deliverables

All of our weddings include the following:

  • Complete retouched portfolio of images delivered to you on a thumb drive with unlimited use including printing your own pictures.
  • Unlimited number of photographs taken over the course of the wedding.
  • Final number of retouched images will vary based on the number of hours and photographers you choose for your wedding day coverage.  Rule of thumb is approximately 100 retouched images per hour when there are two photographers.
  • While you are welcome to print your own images, we will host your portfolio on our website for 6 months with online ordering from a professional lab.  For your enlargements, we recommend using our services as the quality will be superior to what you will find as a general consumer online or at the big box stores.


Wedding Rates

We currently have very limited availability and our wedding packages start at $2500.  Please call or email us for a quote.